Council advances bill to allow Honolulu Zoo sponsorships

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Seeing your name displayed at Honolulu Zoo may soon be possible.

A bill moving through the Honolulu City Council would allow limited sponsorship at zoo exhibits and facilities.

Donors would get their name on a small plaque that would be displayed by a certain exhibit.

Councilmember Kymberly Pine says it’s a good way to raise money without turning to the taxpayer.

“Right now we are at the realization that the city has not invested over the years properly into our zoo facility and yet the public has demanded that we continue to invest at a higher level, but we simply can’t afford it and so we are just looking at other options of how we can improve the zoo,” Pine said.Bill 25 passed a second reading Wednesday.

Opponents argue that the sponsorships would still be advertising and inappropriate for a public facility like the zoo.

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