HONOLULU (KHON2) – There are cyber security precautions people should take as they make the transition from work offices and classrooms to working at home.

Tech experts are urging you to protect your new “work from home” environment as if it were your real office.

Start with keeping your security software up to date and protecting your personal internet connection.

“The most basic steps is to make sure you have a password on your WiFi believe it or not a lot of people don’t or that you’re not using the password that was set when you first got it you know five, six, seven years ago,” said Ryan Ozawa a Civic Tech Advocate.

You’ll also want to work with your employer to make sure you have malware protection installed on your devices.

Also, be wary of how you dispose of personal information at home.

“If you do have physical papers, if you are still printing and things you’re going to have to keep those secure physically. Physical security is just as important as computer or technology security especially when you’re in a place that’s not secure like your office is.”

Ozawa says with the adjustment of new work environments comes the threat of scammers. So don’t forget about your kids learning space as well. Set their laptops up in a public area in your home and inform them about the dangers of third party websites and phishing emails.

“All the standard advice applies, email attachments even today ten years later most common vector for getting your computer compromised, you’re going to want to inform your kids about these best practices to be careful of these things.”