Concerns over lack of airport screening for Korean Airlines flights at HNL

Local News

With cases of COVID-19 climbing in South Korea, imports from there could be affected. So far, South Korea has seen more than 2000 COVID-19 cases. Hawaiian Airlines will begin suspending flights in and out of Korea starting monday. But some flight attendants are concerned other airlines haven’t done the same. 

Ken Hurlburt, flight attendant: “As I came into Honolulu there was no precautionary screening at all whatsoever, and we came in arrival time coincided with a Korean Airline arrival time, and the Korean Airline passengers are coming in to Hawaii with no screening at all.” 

So far, Delta and Hawaiian Airlines are the only ones to suspend travel to Korea. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is calling for all flights from South Korea as well as Japan to be suspended. Japan has seen about 200 cases of the coronavirus.

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