Comped drink monitoring system expanding to local bars in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – It’s getting a little harder to get free drinks while gambling in Las Vegas.

A new system that lets bartenders know how much, and how fast, you’re gambling is expanding from the strip to local casinos.

The comped drink monitoring system can easily be described as a red light, green light system.

You sit down at a bar top machine like video poker, blackjack, or keno and the machine starts paying attention to how much you’re gambling.

Here’s how it works:

  • Blue Light On – Guest has inserted a total of $$ (bills/tickets) into the machine and is qualified for a complimentary beverage.
  • Blue Light Off – Guest has inserted less than $$ (bills/and tickets) into the machine and does not qualify for complimentary beverage.
  • Green Light On – Guest has achieved required minimum level of play and is qualified to receive continued complimentary beverages up to $XX per beverage
  • Green Light Off – Guest has not achieved required minimum level of play and is not qualified for complimentary beverages.
  • Red Light On – Guest has achieved 10 times required minimum level of play and is qualified for premium beverages up to $XX per beverage.
  • Red Light on and Flashing – Guest has fallen out of qualification for complimentary beverages.

“It gets rid of the people that want to hang around and play a quarter and try to basically, I don’t want to use the word scam, but basically take advantage of the system,” Albert Tabola with Ardent Progressive Systems & Games said.

Tabola is one of the masterminds behind the technology.

He says life is not only better for the bartender, but also the player.

“Takes them out of the subjective view of the bartender, so they no longer have to worry about if the bartender is mad at them or you’re not playing enough, so it makes it fair for everybody,” Tabola explained.

Tabola said the system has been incredibly successful on the strip.

He says Caesars Entertainment has seen a 35-percent savings on comped drink costs since the roll out.

So you better believe the comped drink monitoring system is going to pop up at other casinos, too.

“Now we’re looking to go out into more the local market,” Tobola said.

Tabola said they’ve been in the Golden Nugget downtown for a month now, and they’re looking to enter the M Resort and Casino in the near future.

Slowly but surely taking over Las Vegas, even off the strip.

“It took me a lot of tlc with them to explain this is really a tool for the bartender, and really an advantage for the player,” Tabola said.

The Golden Nugget did not get back to KTNV before this report to provide their thoughts on the system.

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