Company owning Kakaako roads fined by state for failing to meet road safety standards

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The Hawaii Community Development Authority, or HCDA, has issued a notice of violation to private company, Kakaako Land Company LLC. 

The notice comes after the company failed to fix its roads to meet county highway standards. Starting today, the company will face a fine of $2,500 a day until they fix the roads or stop charging parking fees.

The violation affects Cummins, Kawaiahao, Clayton, Queen, and Ilaniwai streets, which businesses say have been in need of repairs for a while.

“We have potholes you can see. They get as big as sometimes several feet,” said Bob Emami, a Kakaako business owner. “I am in {the} automobile business. I spend several thousands every month to fix my cars.” 

That’s despite the price business owners say they’re paying to use it.

“Right here where we’re standing, I get charged a $120 dollars a month for the parking which had belonged to this location for 55 years,” said Emami. 

Under the state law, private road owners that charge parking fees must meet road safety standards. State Representative Scott Saiki, who introduced the bill, says that’s something that Kakaako Land Company LLC hasn’t been doing.

“If you look at the road here, obviously you can see that it doesn’t have crosswalks. There’s a lack of signage. There’s very basic safety considerations that have not been met on this road,” said Saiki. 

He says it’s up to the HCDA to enforce the penalties of the violation.

“Basically we’re the type of agency that what our goal is, is to get voluntary compliance before we have to take all these additional steps,” said Garett Kamemoto with HCDA.

But business owners say this is only the beginning.

“We’re really not sure how far it can get, but we’re happy at least that they’re doing something, and more needs to be done,” said Emami.

We also reached out to one of the owners of Kakaako Land Company LLC for a comment and will update the story when we hear back.

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