Community voices safety concerns after Kanewai Park armed robbery

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The search is still on for the suspects involved in an armed carjacking and robbery in Manoa.

The Honolulu Police Department says there are four suspects in total.

Kevin Luke saw the robbery from across the parking lot. He says he remembers there being a large commotion and seeing a suspect pull a gun on the victim.

“I was coming out of my car, and the first thing I see is a guy pointing a gun at another guy, at his truck,” said Luke. “It was being pointed at the driver and it wasn’t a pistol, it was a bigger gun.” 

He says the guy in the truck jumped out and the man with the gun got in the driver’s seat. He and the other suspects then sped away out of the parking lot. 

“It just kind of bothers me that you know something like this could happen when there’s a lot of people and kids and families around in a public space like this,” said Luke.

However, he’s not the only one who is shocked that this could have happened, especially with so many people at the park at the time.

“It affects my perception as a park user,” said Dane Yonamine, Kanewai Park user. “You have to be more aware of the people walking around you, as opposed to just enjoying yourself and not worrying about anything else.”

Dylan Armstrong with the Manoa Neighborhood Board says the armed robbery has put everyone on alert in the area.

“Where this robbery happened is kind of a dead zone in terms of residential eyes and ears on the park at night. There’s very poor lighting in the parking lot,” said Armstrong.

He says adding better lighting to the Park will be one of the things the neighborhood board will be looking into to increase safety in that area.

They’re also looking to start up a neighborhood security watch for that area and possibly working with the University of Hawaii campus security. 

The Honolulu Police Department still hasn’t released the descriptions of the suspects or the details of the cars they sped away in.

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