Community collaborates to beautify bulb-outs, improve safety

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Pedestrian safety got an artful make-over in Moiliili today.

Volunteers swarmed at the intersection of South King and Isenberg Streets today to begin a beautification project they hope will help revitalize Old Stadium Park.

The bulb-outs, painted white, are intended to slow traffic and to keep pedestrians safer. 

Colby Takeda, community program manager for Blue Zones Hawaii, says they were installed in 2016 because of a high rate of motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian crashes in the intersection. 

Blackened by tires over the years, they received a fresh coat of white paint.

The real artwork is being done between the raised bulb-outs and the sidewalk. 

Moiliili’s caves, o’opu-filled streams, historical lo’i and other iconic features suggested by the community were incorporated into the design, led by artist Luke DeKneef.

Takeda says, “this week-long process of designing artwork for this space has been a collaboration of the Department of Transportation Services, different community groups and the Safe Routes Partnership which is sponsoring this project for us — really about how to make access to this park more equitable for everyone.”

 It is said that many hands make light work. This street art project to enhance pedestrian safety is a perfect example of just that. 

Takeda noted the many volunteers from Hawaii Bicycling League, AARP, education incubator and different schools and community groups in the area.

Sharon Schneider, chair of nonprofit Envision Kaimuki, came to check out the project — and knows what she will report back to her group.

“That it’s do-able. And we would like to do it for one little bulb-out in Kaimuki and see how that works. And we’re hoping to push a little bit on the pedestrian safety.”

Envision Kaimuki is working with other organizations on plans to combine all the artwork that’s going up in the city with traditional cross-walks — to increase pedestrian safety on Waialae Avenue.

Meanwhile, Blue Zones Hawaii will continue painting while staging a free community event in Stadium Park Friday afternoon.

Organizers ask that you register for the free workshops — which you can do here:

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