Comet named after Hawaii researcher

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There’s a comet named after a Hawaii researcher who discovered it.
She works with the University of Hawaii in the Institute for Astronomy.

Heather Flewelling’s title is planetary defense researcher. 

Every morning she looks for new, near earth asteroids.
She discovered the comet three weeks ago.

When you discover a comet, it’s brand new, and you tell them about it soon enough, then it can be named after you, said Flewelling. “We look for new, near earth asteroids every morning. And that morning we happened to find a comet. And it actually happens pretty regularly that we find comets.”
Flewelling said it is fairly common for a comet to be named after the person who discovered it. 

One of her greatest accomplishment is working with her team to create the world’s largest astronomical database.

To see the data base, log onto
If you want to know more about the stars in the sky, the annual open house at the Institute for Astronomy at UH Manoa coming up on April 7.

For details on the open house, click here. 

Flewelling is currently working on an asteroid impact early warning system being developed by UH and funded by NASA.

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