HONOLULU (KHON2) — Thousands of college graduates will soon be looking for work, and experts believe the odds are in their favor, with more job openings than applicants during the great resignation.

It seems like the best time for recent college graduates, they will be entering a job market where applicants hold the power.

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The Staffing Solutions of Hawaii General Manager Nicci Olds said candidates who are looking for a job could snatch one within the first two to three days of searching.

“I’m encouraging our employers, you know, our partners or our clients, Hey, make a decision and make it fast,” Olds said. “If you come across a great candidate, you’ve got to pull the trigger, because someone else will, you know, long gone are the days where you had time to go to three weeks to make a decision.”

Healthcare, hospitality, banking and government are all sectors looking to hire.

“The elections coming up right now,” added Olds. “So we’re actively hiring for that, that’s such a good niche for especially our college graduates that are looking for something to do immediately, while they’re kind of testing out the waters and putting out their feelers for something long term.”

The Bishop & Company President Judy Bishop said this is the first time she’s seen a job market where an applicant holds most of the cards.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it,” Bishop said. “And I’ve been in this business an extraordinarily long time.”

Bishop said this is not the time for job seekers to settle, even those with fewer years of professional experience, should toss their name for that dream job.

“In the past, when a company might ask for three to five years of experience, now they may be asking for one to two or maybe not,” Bishop said. “So this is an incredible opportunity for college graduates to get a great job.”

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Many companies continue to hire remote workers, so opportunities could be found outside of Hawaii without the need to move.