HONOLULU (KHON2) — The U.S. Coffee Championship returns this year to recapture the pre-pandemic momentum it once had, and to kick things off, Hawaii is at the top of the list to host the first rounds.

This weekend, the Hawaii Coffee Association will hold preliminaries for the Roasters and Brewers Competitions where coffee enthusiasts will vie for top honors in each category. Winners then advance to the Qualifying Round.

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The preliminary competitions will be held from Aug. 19 to Aug. 21 at Tradition Coffee Roasters in Kailua.


For the first time ever, the HCA will host the Roaster Competition that consists of three elements:

  1. Cup-To-Profile Presentations: Competitors have five minutes to present, but not serve, their Hawaii-grown coffee to two judges.
  2. Judges Cupping: Judges evaluate each competitor’s roasted coffee in a blind cupping.
  3. Audience Service: Competitors have 20 to 30 minutes to serve their coffee to the audience.

A head judge and two sensory judges will then evaluate and score the competitors.

“These exciting events are intended to provide a platform on which Hawaii can showcase our local talent on the world stage,” stated Brittany Horn, HCA director and presiding head judge for the USCC Brewers Cup. “Hawaii is home to some of the most skilled coffee professionals anywhere. Their ability to roast and prepare Hawaii-grown coffee is unsurpassed.”


Competitors will have 20 minutes to create and serve two individual brews using Hawaii-grown coffee.

“The host-provided coffees must be sourced from two or more local coffee roasting companies. Competitors may utilize any set of brewing devices of their choosing, so long as they qualify according to the competition rules,” the announcement said.

On Saturday, Aug. 20, and Sunday, Aug. 21, the public may attend to learn more about Hawaii coffee, see how it’s evaluated and check out the other events happening. There will be food and entertainment.

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