Civil trial continues over alleged fraud by police chief’s wife

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The ongoing drama between the wife of Honolulu’s chief of police and her family continued in court Friday.

Katherine Kealoha’s uncle, Gerard Puana, and her 95-year-old grandmother Florence Puana accuse her of fraud and mishandling $220,000 they entrusted to her.

Kealoha — the wife of police chief Louis Kealoha and the head of the career criminal unit of the Honolulu prosecutor’s office — testified on Tuesday that while her grandmother gave her the power to act on her behalf, she did not exactly know what she meant.

“What I do know is that I never used it, and to me, that’s the important part. I did not abuse it because I never even used it,” she said.

During her testimony Friday, Florence Puana said that she was not given access to the Bank of Hawaii joint account that she shared with Kealoha.

In an exchange between the plaintiff’s attorney and Puana:

Plaintiff’s attorney: Did you go to the Bank of Hawaii with Katherine Kealoha?

Puana: Yes.

Plaintiff’s attorney: Did you get any checks to write from this account?

Puana: No, I did not.

Plaintiff’s attorney: Did you get any kind of bank card to use?

Puana: No, I did not.

Plaintiff’s attorney: Did Katherine Kealoha tell you “grandma, you can use this account”?

Puana: No, she did not.

The Puanas stripped Kealoha of the power to act on their behalf in April, 2012.

Kealoha’s attorney denies his client stole money from her relatives.

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