HONOLULU (KHON2) — The City and County of Honolulu updated its numbers on Thursday, March 18, that show how badly the community was impacted by last week’s torrential rains.

The Flood Initial Damage Assessment Report released on Wednesday, March 17, included the number of “affected homes,” or homes that received damage but not to essential living areas. The new report removes this category.

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A total of 78 homes were impacted on Oahu from last week’s floods, according to the report. Three homes were destroyed, 30 homes sustained major damage and 45 homes sustained minor damage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency defines the following three categories of flood damage that an impacted home may fall within:

  1. Destroyed – The home is a total loss. There is complete failure of major structural components (e.g. collapse of foundation, walls, or roof). The water line is at the roofline or higher. Only the foundation remains.
  2. Major – A home with structural damage or other significant damage that requires extensive repairs. It is not safe to live in the home until repairs are made. Waterline above 18 inches or is high enough to reach the electrical outlets in an essential living space.
  3. Minor – A home with repairable non-structural damage. People can safely live in the home while repairs are made. Waterline is below 18 inches and is below any electrical outlets

The information in the report may help the City secure relief through federal assistance programs.

* The number of affected residences by each category may fluctuate from previous reports as survey data is vetted.