City to decide within 30 days whether to close Maunawili Trail access

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Honolulu officials have a month to decide what to do with the Maunawili Trail, which nearby residents have been complaining about for years.

Some testified during a public hearing Tuesday, asking to shut down access due to crime, trash, and traffic.

“(There are) groups picnicking on our driveways, people harvesting fruits and other floral and fauna, being aroused from my sleep at 5 a.m. this morning,” said resident Claire Ganiko.

“The community has suffered far too long and trail users are getting hurt,” said state Rep. Ken Ito, D, Kaneohe, Maunawili, Olomana.

Residents also complain about the trash and muddy shoes that some hikers leave behind.

The hikers KHON2 talked to said they enjoy the trail because it’s something different, and away from other crowded visitor attractions.

The director of the city’s Department of Planning and Permitting will decide whether to close the trail’s main public access point, which is required in the landowner’s permit. The trail sits on land owned by the state and a company called HRT.

“We want to be good community partners in working with them and the city and the state and other stakeholders,” said Del Wong with HRT.

The state says it’s open to options that would keep the trail open.

“Find an area on HRT land that would provide ample amount of parking that maybe would have facilities that would support the number of people that are going on the trail,” said Aaron Lowe with the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources.

But there are questions about who is and will be responsible for maintenance, management, and the cost for any proposed changes.

DPP has 30 days to decide what to do.

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