We’re going to start seeing more bicycles on Honolulu roads thanks to $2 million in new funding.

The city and state announced Wednesday that they will both provide $1 million in matching funds for the non-profit Bikeshare Hawaii.

The organization plans to build a large-scale public transportation system where publically rentable bicycles would be placed at strategic locations throughout urban Honolulu. Approximately 1,700 bikes will be available during the initial rollout.

You could rent them with a pass and ride to your destination. It would cost only $5 for 24 hours, or $30 for a monthly membership.

The program is set to launch early next year.

Upon completion of Honolulu’s rail project, bike-share stations will provide first/last mile connectivity to rail and TheBus stations. Bikeshare Hawaii will eventually expand the system statewide as demand increases.

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