HONOLULU (KHON2) — From refuse disposal, rental assistance and liquor law violations, the City has identified 129 accounts that owe a hefty amount of money. Some of the outstanding fees dating back to 1990.

“It was like a massive cleanup that should have happened previously,” said Carrie Castle, Deputy Director of the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services.

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Refuse disposal topped the list at more than $1.7 million owed, nearly $300,000 owed to the Liquor Commission and $50,000 for rental assistance which totals more than $2.1 million.

“A lot of them are bars. When you look at the breakout there are hundreds that owe $2,000 here and $1,000 here.”

The biggest debt is from an account that owes more than $741,000 for refuse disposal.

“Large number of our accounts are due to businesses that have closed and at that point we’ve exhausted all efforts to collect either via phone call, notices or collection agencies.”

Moving forward the City says it’ll keep a closer eye on accounts that go unpaid.

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“It’s a constant effort to make sure that you enforce and go after collections, because we could use every dollar in the City.”