HONOLULU (KHON2) — City crews have cleaned up the pile of trash that had been building in a Pearl City neighborhood for months.

Residents said a couple that was living in a container truck had been accumulating bags of trash in and around the truck. They said they reached out to city officials and HPD but nothing was done about it, so they contacted KHON2.

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KHON2 aired the story on Thursday night and reached out to Councilwoman Val Okimoto, who represents the district and contacted the mayor’s office as well.

City crews got rid of the mess and the truck the next morning.

“Oh my gosh no big truck, wonderful, see it’s all empty. This is where the truck was. All the trash bags there, no more, all gone,” said area resident Lani.

“I got to give you guys credit. I don’t know what kind of power or superpower you guys have,” said another area resident Tom Uyehawa.

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The city encourages residents to use the Honolulu 311 app to report such complaints.