HONOLULU (KHON2) — For some Oahu residents, public parklets are the perfect spot.

“We just walked 20 minutes just to come sit down here and enjoy lunch,” said Daniel Loli, a Diamond Head resident.

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The outdoor eating areas were rolled out as a way to help restaurants and restaurant-goers impacted by indoor seating limits during the pandemic.

“The parklet really allows us to have more people and cultivate the community and we have such a small space, it just adds so much space,” said Emily Baumann of Juicy Brew.

These public outdoor dining areas don’t just help businesses attract more customers, but some supporters say it also helps keep roads in the area safe.

“Parklets are a way to help not only bring people out and enjoy the outdoors, but also help improve bicycle and pedestrian safety by slowing down traffic in certain areas and neighborhoods,” said Natalie Iwasa, President of Cycle on Hawaii.

The City Council and Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s office said more rules are needed for the spaces if they’re going to be permanent.

“It has to be adjacent to the storefront so it’s not a situation where we’re going to open up all areas and people bid on the space,” said Krishna Jayaram, Honolulu City and County Deputy Managing Director. “It’s the space that’s adjacent to where you are.”

“The other major concern is utilization of the sidewalks for handicap people like if the tables are going to be on the sidewalks that’s what I would be concerned about,” said Calvin Say, a Honolulu Councilmember. “Also would that enforcement would be DTS or would that be HPD?”

Right now, the measure being considered by the City Council said there needs to be at least three feet of sidewalk space for pedestrians.

Meanwhile, restaurants are crossing their fingers for a permanent solution.

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“We are really hoping for that. It adds so much character and it’s so much more than a restaurant. It’s a place that draws in community,” said Baumann.