City could resume Beretania road repaving in early 2016

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Beretania Street is known for it’s cracks, potholes and uneven surfaces. Some would even say driving on it is like navigating through a mine field.

“Its very bumpy. It’s got potholes in it and it’s really kind of dangerous,” said driver Trudi Cannon.

The City made Beretania a priority on it’s list of roads that need work and started a repaving project in 2014. Shortly after the work started the city had to stop construction because of shallow utility lines.

“These utilities being so shallow has been a problem so we have taken some steps to check earlier in the process,” said Robert Kroning, Department of Design and Construction director.

So how much longer will drivers have to endure the constant jarring and punishment to their cars?

“We finished the negotiations with road and highway builders for that road and we expect that road to begin in January,” said Kroning.

Once construction resumes the city says it should take about two to three months to complete. Meaning the once dreadful road to drive on should become a pretty smooth ride.

“That would be lovely that would be quite an improvement,” said Cannon.

The city says the shallow utility lines have also changed how they plan for projects.

“We have taken some steps to check earlier in the process and we are going to have during the design phase a lot more potholing and subsurface checks so that we don’t have to stop a contractor once they have already started a project,” said Kroning.

The initial cost of the Beretania Street repaving project was estimated around $9.5 million.

Meanwhile, work to repave Kapahulu Avenue was also halted after the discovery of shallow utility lines.

The city says work on that road should begin in late January or early February.

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