City considers mobile bathrooms for Honolulu streets

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The streets of Oahu could one day see mobile bathrooms.

It’s a successful project in San Francisco, and Honolulu is looking to see if it could also work here.

So just how serious is Honolulu about getting these portable toilets?

The city says they have looked into bringing these toilets on wheels here and there are discussions, but as of now no plans yet.

The toilets are placed in areas with a lot of pedestrians, and some have been placed near areas with more of a homeless population.

The mobile bathroom will also have an attendant that keeps watch and ensures that toilet paper is always stocked as well as making sure the toilets are not used for illegal activity.

The toilets can be moved with ease when it is time to clean them or if they need to be put in another location.

“If the homeless are using the bathroom on public sidewalks or streets or in parks it’s a much better idea if they can go in these portable restrooms…I’m open to all new ideas,” said Honolulu Councilmember Trevor Ozawa.

“It’s kind of a rolling restroom and it seems to work very well,” said Honolulu Councilmember Ann Kobayashi.

Both councilmember Ozawa and Kobayashi say they are open to the idea but need to look into pricing and feasibility.

In addition to Honolulu, cities like Portland and New York are also thinking about bringing mobile bathrooms to their cities.

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