City assesses Darby response to improve future storm mitigation

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The city and county of Honolulu is currently in the mitigation stage assessing how the response went after tropical storm Darby.

The county was slammed by several inches of rain, cars flooded and some people lost all their belongings after a stream turned into a raging river that gushed into peoples homes.

Some families tell KHON2 they weren’t as prepared for Tropical Storm Darby, because they didn’t think the impacts to Oahu would be as severe as they were.

Now, they plan to take the steps to get prepared and make an emergency plan for their families.

Michael Sasaki says his family wasn’t as prepared as they usually are, but took a chance, because he knew the storm was going to impact the Big Island and Maui first.

“We got last minute cases of water but normally what we do is fill up the bathtubs and we have extra water on the side and we usually have an emergency kit,” Sasaki said.

We checked back with the city to see what they felt worked and what didn’t after the storm that hit Oahu.

KHON asked, “what was the biggest lesson learned from tropical storm Darby?”

John Cummings, spokesperson for the city and county Department of Emergency Management said, “whether we have a tropical storm or hurricane, we need to keep up our guard until our systems completely leave our area.”

He added, “we had so much water coming out at one time, you know i think it just overloaded the system, you can be prepared but you are going to get these things thrown at you, torrential downpours rain and things like that.”

Cummings added that the city is currently in the mitigation stage reviewing response to the storm, it’s looking at everything from evacuation plans, sheltering and how many responders were out during the storm.

Cummings says less than 200 people used the seven shelters during tropical storm Darby. The heaviest use was in Laie, and next time the department will evaluate if more shelters need to be opened.

“I will definitely restock our emergency kit and definitely set up a plan with the family so we know what to do in case something happens to our house,” Sasaki said.

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