WAIPAHU, Hawaii (KHON2) — Folks may be thinking about taking a trip to the dump, but what about those long lines?

The City now has technology to make the drive a little less stressful.

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The cameras are installed at the Waipahu and Waianae convenience centers and they are designed for the public to check how long the lines are.

Folks who spoke to KHON2 said they have waited over an hour just to dump their trash in the past.

“Oh my god, we had to wait, like sometimes, like I think the most probably an hour and a half to almost, longer than that,” said Kalihi Valley resident Simeon Rojas. “So, it’s great that they’re doing something like this, so I love it.”

The cameras can be viewed through the Environmental Services Department (ENV) website, their director said they are about public convenience.

“It streams all the time on YouTube, so it’s available for residents to look at and figure out when the lines are long or when there’s no line,” said ENV director Roger Babcock. “Our plan is that we’ll have them at all of our convenience centers in the future.”

Councilmember Brandon Elefante hears complaints about long waits at the Waipahu center and said this new system will help folks who are putting their trash where it should be.

“But it’s not a dump, it’s an area where people could throw their opala away in an area to mitigate impacts to the environment,” Elefante said.

Honolulu’s mayor even has experience dealing with the long lines.

“I have done that before, in another life, and yeah, it takes time! And you sit there and you’re going half a day just to get rid of this stuff, you know?”

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi

“With the way life is today, time is the most precious commodity it seems, and so when you got to do something like this, if you could do it as efficiently as possible, I think it’s a big win. I really do,” Blangiardi said.

KHON2 asked one Kapolei resident if he would check the system first before heading out on his next visit.

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“I would, yes, I would, yes,” Russel Lamay said, “That’s the new thing now days, right? With everything, checking in and all of that.”