Child care providers extending services to second week of Spring Break

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For folks working right now, one of challenges coming up now is dealing with the extended spring break. Public school students will be out of school until the end of the month and for some private schools, the break is even longer.

Kamaaina Kids, a child care provider, is getting call after call from parents wanting to know if the program will be extended next week.

“The parents are counting on us to be the childcare provider and to be here for them so they can go to work and they can do their jobs,” said Ray Sanborn, Kamaaina Kids president and CEO.

Sanborn said they’re working on it, but the challenge now is making sure they have the facilities to the house the kids.

The other thing they’re having to consider is separating the roughly one-thousand children signed up for the program. They’re limiting spaces to 50 children for each site and choosing areas where they can practice social distancing.

“By only having 50 people in a room that normally serves 900 people, in a cafeteria at a school, we have the space available that we can have the kids you know kind of separate,” said Sanborn.

He said they usually have one staff member to take care of 15 kids, and they’re still taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of illnesses.

“We’ve brought sanitizers to all of our sites We’ve instructed our staff to continue to have the kids wash hands, we’re washing tables,” said Sanborn.

They also have a message for parents.

“Please don’t bring us a child thats sick, because we’re going to have to take a temperature and send them home,” said Sanborn,

He said if another week of Spring Break is added by the Department of Education, then they’ll try to accommodate for that too.

“You know we got Friday covered and then we have to go into next Monday, and we’re working on that. And we’ll go onto the next Monday after that and the Monday after that if we have to, but its day by day,” said Sanborn.

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