HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu Police Chief Joe Logan said crime in Waikiki is down. That’s just part of his latest update as he settles into the job.

During Chief Logan’s police commission update, he talked about a decrease in major crimes in Waikiki from January to July of this year compared to the same time last year.

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Though HPD initially stated a “huge” decrease in Waikiki, they sent a correction on Friday, July 22 stating that the percentage was significantly less than originally stated–just 1%.

Police Commissioner Carrie Okinaga said the decrease of major crimes by 32 percent, which is what Chief Logan initially stated in the police commission update, in Waikiki seemed huge.

“That is,” Logan responded. “So it’s kind of opposite the perception that Waikiki is experiencing more crime. By the statistics, it’s not.”

In a statement from HPD received on Friday, they stated that the largest drop in major crime was East Honolulu at 27% less than the first six months of 2021.

According to Logan, car break-ins are down 28 percent.

But not all crime statistics decreased.

Areas like district one, which covers central Honolulu, saw an uptick of 7.5 percent in major crimes.

And Logan said cases of felony assault are also up a whopping 46 percent since last year.

“Crime is still happening in Hawaii and so we’re tracking the numbers to see where we stand,” Logan explained.

“As far as permits to carry applications, to date (there are) 147, so its still a moving target.”

Logan added that he is not sure exactly when they’ll be ready to issue them, they still need to develop a program to ensure those granted permits act responsibly and safely.

He reached out to other areas with carry permits to gather information.

“What are there what are there learning curves? What are the things they taught their officers? And what the public should know?”

According to Logan, the county police departments are working together and want to develop a uniform policy

HPD still has 348 vacancies and Logan said applications for the next recruit class in August are down compared to last year.

“For 2022 in the month of July it’s 156 (applications). So yes, it’s a lower number so we’re down about 30 percent.”

Logan said they are holding more recruit classes with fewer recruits to give more one on one training.

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“With a larger class and a smaller ratio then your attrition is much higher,” Logan explained. “This way our attrition seems to be much lower in the classes we currently have going on.”