Chantel Andrade sentenced to 10 years for deadly hit-and-run

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A family had been waiting months to get the final closure on the tragic death of a son, a brother, and Tuesday, justice was finally served.

A Kalihi woman was given a 10-year prison sentence for not stopping her SUV after running over a motorcyclist near Waikele last year.

Chantel Andrade offered a tearful apology to the victim’s family and they said they forgave her.

Andrade faced the family of Keith Jantoc and said there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about the 25-year-old victim.

“Mrs. Jantoc, I’m really sorry for what I did. I never meant to hurt anybody. I never meant to cause harm to your family, or my husband and my kids.

“If I could take it all back, I would. If I could give my life for his, I would,” she said.

The crash happened in April 2015. Police said Andrade was travelling between 88 and 91 miles an hour when she hit Jantoc, dragging him under her SUV for a half-mile on the H-1 just beyond the Kunia on-ramp.

Andrade never stopped to help and fled the scene. Police found her ditched SUV the next day with damage to the front end.

In August of last year, Andrade ran from authorities, a fugitive for three weeks before finally turning herself in to Hawaii Island law enforcement.

She pleaded guilty to accident involving death or serious bodily injury in November 2015.

Even though Sharon Jantoc lost her son that night, at Tuesday’s sentencing, she showed mercy to Andrade.

“I forgive you, but it doesn’t justify what you did,” she said. “But I pray, because I need to be released from this. My family and friends need to be released from this.”

Jantoc lost her husband five years ago, leaving her with two then-young boys in Keith and Kyle.

She said that is when her eldest son, Keith, stepped up in a big way. “Keith was the man holding everything together, helping me raise Kyle when he was just 13 years old.”

After the court proceedings, when asked if the sentence was just, Sharon Jantoc said, “No. No, and if you asked me, ‘Sharon, what can we do to make it better?’ there is nothing, nothing you can do to bring back my son.”

Kyle Jantoc added, “I guess I feel the slightest of relief. It still doesn’t bring my brother back, so I’m still not okay. Over time, maybe I’ll get okay.”

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