Changes coming to make streets safer in Makiki

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Changes are coming to a Makiki neighborhood to make the streets safer. Residents have been complaining about dangerous drivers for years, but now something is finally being done. 

This addition on Makiki and Heulu streets is proof that persistence pays off. 

Paul Klink, Makiki neighborhood board member: “It just shows you gotta stick to it, you gotta stay focused.” 

Ask anyone in the area and they’ll tell you speeding has been a problem in the neighborhood for years. 

Bridget Box, resident: “I’d say it’s gotten worse.” 

Louis Lugan, resident: “The speed limit is 25 miles per hour. I see people coming down here sometimes 50, 60 mph. Like this is NASCAR.” 

It’s been brought up at countless board meetings. 

Paul Klink, Makiki neighborhood board member: “Once or twice a day you hear, errr, crunch…smash! People slamming on their brakes.” 

Louis Lugan, resident: “It’s not safe. Punahou is next door to us, you see kids going to school by themselves. Unfortunately adults are rushing to work. The children, we need to protect them and make sure they’re safe.”

Bridget Box, resident: “I have a hard time pulling out of this driveway, I have to constantly keep looking left or right to make sure no one is gonna run me over.” 

Paul Klink: “I can’t tell you how many times I hear a smash. People looking out and calling an ambulance. The last one, I had to come down with an extinguisher and put the engine out. It was on fire. The fellow in the car, we got him out safely. 

Louis Lugan: “In the mornings, my little dog has a flashlight on his neck. I always make sure we look at least 3 or 4 times if cars are coming. You just don’t know.” 

HPD installed a speed trailer at the corner of Makiki and Heulu streets. 

Paul Klink: “A bunch of residents, condos, house, all the residents around here banded together in our own little hui to affect the change.”

With the new trailer, it’s nearly impossible to miss the 25 mile per hour sign atop the speed you’re actually driving. 

Louis Lugan: “It’s long overdue for this neighborhood and the safety of Makiki.”

Bridget Box: “I think it’ll be good, people will be more aware.” 

Paul Klink: “Please for god’s sake, slow down and drive with aloha.” 

It’s not just the speed trailer that drivers should be aware of. A spokeswoman at the Honolulu police department tells me officers have stepped up checks in this area. 

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