KAILUA, Hawaii (KHON2) — A pet cat who survived a shooting has been reunited with her best friend.

KHON2.com shared the story of Bobbi the cat in April, 2023 after she was found in a Makaha garage with gunshot wounds in both of her back legs.

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Rescue Kitties of Hawaii stepped in to take temporary ownership of Bobbi from her owner, James Jones, who faced thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. The two reunited on Saturday, June 3.

Jones had not seen Bobbi since he dropped her off at VCA Pearl City on Monday, April 10. He said it was like he lost a family member.

“She usually runs up to the house from the neighborhood when I get home and then comes in and hangs out after work while we wind down,” Jones said.

Bobbi had been in the care of Maraya Dawn, president of Rescue Kitties of Hawaii. Medical bills were too high for Jones, so Dawn’s group took temporary ownership and organized a GoFundMe to raise the $12,000 to $13,000 that was needed.

Dawn and other volunteers arranged Bobbi’s handoff back to Jones almost two months later.

The cat immediately went for some back scratches and chin rubs.

“Hello! Hi, how are you,” Jones asked Bobbi. “Oh, you want pets?”

Dawn said the vet removed a .22 caliber bullet from Bobbi’s leg, Jones added that she could only scoot backward by using her front legs. Several surgeries later and Bobbi looks almost as good as new.

“This situation? I see it as good versus evil and good won,” Dawn said. “It took a village, it took VCA, it took you and your unconditional love and your family, it took her and her fighting spirit. It took all of us and just praying and the community that came together and donated and, and made it happen!”

Almost $15,000 came in through the GoFundMe and gave Bobbi a second chance at life.

“To know that there’s still so many good people and so many supporters out there — like it was just a game changer,” said Rescue Kitties of Hawaii volunteer Bret Thompsett. “Like, it really made me feel better about, you know, humanity as a whole.”

“With the help of the news, with KHON2 and getting her story out there, like, it was incredible. It’s so amazing.”

Bret Thompsett, Rescue Kitties of Hawaii volunteer

Jones felt incredibly grateful.

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“And just to see her able to, to move around and explore again,” Jones said, “It’s almost like having a kitten again.”