Career violent criminal released after burglary, his second arrest in one week

Local News

Ulysses Kim, who made national headlines 27 years ago, after taking a news camera-man hostage, has been arrested for the second time in just a week, this time for burglary at a downtown Honolulu business yesterday.

A tenant reported Kim was inside the property when the tenant got to work Friday morning. Kim had damaged property inside and was armed with a metal pipe.

Officers had to search for Kim with guns drawn after Kim hid inside the building following his first encounter with the tenant.

According to police, Kim was no longer in custody as of Friday afternoon but police are continuing to investigate. Prosecutors say that no case was yet referred to them to review for any charges.

Kim was just arrested last week for criminal contempt of court.

Kim’s arrests for violent crimes spans decades. He has 14 prior convictions including robbery, kidnapping and firearms offenses, and multiple parole revocations.

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