HONOLULU (KHON2) — Multiple agencies responded to Nuuanu Sunday morning, after reports came in of a car driving off a ledge into someone’s backyard.

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services said the report came in at 10:27 a.m. on Sunday, May 28.

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The incident occurred near Judd Street in the Nuuanu area of Honolulu.

Neighbors shared surveillance footage of the incident which showed a mid-size SUV slowly circling around a tree is in the middle of a small parking area. The car then speeds up hitting the rear bumper of a parked car, and then goes off the ledge and into the yard below.

Witnesses said they didn’t see anything, but went to see what happened after hearing a loud bang.

The homeowner who lives below said he was home watching a movie with his wife when they heard a loud crash and a car horn blaring.

The car fell roughly 10 to 15 feet onto a patio gazebo below. The homeowner said he’s grateful no one was seriously injured in the crash and that no one was outside when it happened.

Honolulu Fire Department said 11 firefighters responded, some braced the gazebo structure below while the others were able to get the woman out safely before handing her over to EMS for treatment.

EMS said the 58-year-old woman was awake and talking and did not appear to have any major injuries.

Honolulu police shut down Mahalo and Judd streets while the vehicle was being removed.

Two tow trucks assisted in removing the car from below and towed it away around noon.

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She was taken to a local area hospital, according to EMS.