HONOLULU (KHON2) — Family members are still left with many unanswered questions about what happened during an Alaska fishing trip that left at least three people dead and two people missing. 

A Hawaii family was on board the charter boat, and a family member said they hope the community can help support the children left behind.

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Kimberly Nolan the sister-in-law of Robert Solis, one of the men who remain missing from the boating incident, said this was a long-awaited family reunion that turned into a tragedy. 

Nolan said, “Brandi’s family just wanted a chance where everyone could come together. They came from Hawaii, Pasadena, Canoga Park, everyone came together for an amazing fishing trip.”

Alaska State Troopers said they received a call on May 28, reporting a 30-foot charter vessel with five people capsized. They described rough conditions at sea and strong winds during the initial search. 

Waipahu couple Danielle and Maury Agcaoili’s bodies were recovered. They had recently attended their daughter’s high school graduation before the trip. 

Danielle Agcaoili’s sister Brandi Tyau was also found, but her husband Robert Solis and the boat’s captain remain missing. 

Nolan said, “It’s just hard not knowing, you know, they are investigating but so far we have no knowledge of what occurred that day.”

Brandi and Danielle’s parents, brother and wife were also on the same trip, but they went on a separate fishing boat.

Alaska State Troopers’ last update was on Monday and said they have recovered the sunken vessel.

Meanwhile, a statement from Kingfisher Charters in Alaska said:

“We are devastated by the loss of four of our guests and our friend and captain of the Awakin in last Sunday’s tragic boating incident. We are fully cooperating with the first responders and agencies involved, including the United States Coast Guard, to examine every aspect and understand the factors that led up to the incident. We want to thank the Sitka community for its ongoing support and acknowledge those who have been instrumental in the rescue and recovery efforts.”

Nolan said the families are coming together to support the children who are now left without parents. 

She said, “Eight family members on vacation and half of them are gone.”

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The family has started a GoFundMe page to help with expenses, as well as help support the children’s education. More information can be found, here

A separate online fundraiser was created to support the Agcaoili family. The organizer of the fundraiser said the money will go directly to support the two children of Maury and Danielle Agcaoili.