HONOLULU (KHON2) — Have you seen a sea creature that looks and swims like this? It’s a sand color creature with dark polka dots along the sides of its body. 

The picture and video of this dancing sea creature was posted on a Facebook page asking people if they could correctly identify this type of creature.

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Some guessed sea slug and others guessed Spanish dancer but both answers weren’t quite correct.

Andrew Rossiter with the Waikiki Aquarium said the correct term for this type of sea creature is a Nudibranch. 

“The picture is not good enough to identify closely but it looks like an animal called a Polka dot Nudibranch,” said Rossiter.

He said Spanish dancers typically have very elaborate frill around its body when they swim. They also come in three colors red, orange or black. 

“It’s not a Spanish dancer. The color is completely wrong,” said Rossiter. “And the way it’s swimming is wrong.”

This sea creature does not have elaborate colors and doesn’t have the same type of frill along its body. 

“Spanish dancers generally are 90% of the time red or orange,” said Rossiter. “The frill around the body when it swims is very elaborate.”

The nudibranch is, however, in the same group of animals as the Spanish dancer which is why some people might have confused the two. 

“It’s the same group of animals which are called nudibranch, which means naked gill,” said Rossiter. “Because the gills actually stick out from the back of the body, the common name is unappetizing sea slug.”

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According to Rossiter these types of sea creatures are nocturnal which is why they aren’t typically seen during the day and said they are typically found around the coast.