HONOLULU (KHON2) — According to Everytown for Gun Safety, 95 gun-related incidents have left communities mourning across the United States this year. In Hawaii, this type of violence is rare, but officials are not waiting until it’s too late.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to think of it that way, but we’d rather be over-prepared than underprepared,” said Sgt. Brandon Phillips of Maui Police Department.

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As the new school year begins, MPD is increasing patrol around school districts.

MPD’s eight School Resource Officers will patrol intermediate campuses. One officer is specifically trained to monitor suspicious social media posts.

“If we look into it and it turns out to be nothing, then that’s great. But if it turns into something at least we can try and avert a tragedy that could happen,” said Phillips.

Big Island police are also equipped with eight SROs who wear many different hats.

“We start at the school and we end their day at the school,” said Michael Matsumura, an SRO with Hawaii Police Department. “We’re walking around, making sure that the campus is safe and besides that, we do a lot of school activities and help the kids to keep them out of trouble.”

On Oahu, there are no SROs assigned to campuses, but some schools like Radford High School are taking it upon themselves to increase safety training.

“We practice on a quarterly basis, but I think we’re going to do a little more throughout the quarters with the kids like refreshing everybody on where to go what to do,” said James Sunday, principal of Radford High School. “I think one of the big things we’re doing this year is putting together a set of training for our kids that will show on video.”

The Honolulu Police Department provides active shooter training to schools. When there is a crisis on campus, students and teachers are instructed to avoid or leave the area, know the exits and call 911. Then deny, which means locking doors, getting out of sight and turning off lights. Finally, as a last resort, defend.

“This has to deal with the change of philosophy and mindset, you then have to become the aggressor,” said Capt. Parker Bode of HPD. “So position yourself to grab the gun or fight for your life.”

Many schools have anonymous tip lines, like Text-A-Tip, for students to report suspicious behavior. Law enforcement will continue to upgrade school safety so tragedy doesn’t strike in the islands.

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“Fortunately in Hawaii, we haven’t seen that type of violence, but it’s important that we remain vigilant and never,” said Bode.