HONOLULU (KHON2) — The rain has been non-stop for the Golden State; and even from thousands of miles away, Hawaii vendors are concerned as some fresh produce become harder to find, coupled with shipment delays. 

The Watanabe Floral General Manager, Monty Pereira, said he has heard from farms in California that are struggling to get their shipments out due to floods. 

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“We’ve seen logistical things where farms that have flowers can’t get it to the airport because they are flooded in,” Pereira said. “We’ve had farms that we buy from that have had complete destruction of their fields.”

He paused Sunflower shipments for now, and he said filler flowers like baby’s breath are short in supply. Although roses for Valentine’s Day should not be affected, almost all roses come from South America. 

But, there is already a shortage of another popular item for Valentine’s Day, strawberries. 

D. Otani Produce Buyer Kimo Muraki said their strawberry shipments from Central California were cut in half; they are having to order from other regions such as Mexico.

“They are allocating, so what that means is they’re allowing so much for each customer to try to make sure that everyone is covered. But, supply is very short right now,” Muraki said. “It takes an extra day or two for transportation; and of course, you have the freight charges and fuel surcharge that you get for.”

He said it is likely customers will end up paying the added cost to ship from Mexico. 

Staples in Hawaii like rice avoided the impacts of the extreme weather. The California Rice Commission said the growing season begins until late Spring. 

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Administrator, Luke Meyer, said they are in constant communication with their California counterparts, knowing Hawaii has seen its fair share of extreme weather. 

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Meyer said, “Take the opportunity in your neighborhood to know your hazards and work on your prep plans. Sooner or later, we will all be challenged with an emergency.”

California officials expect the rain to subside this week.