HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been 50 days since Cyril Derreumaux left California to solo paddle across 2,400 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean to get to Hawaii. It’s expected to be a 70-day adventure at sea.

On Monday, Aug. 8, Derreumaux shared that he’s halfway there! He’s learning to eat one bite at a time, not looking too far ahead or getting too caught up in the future.

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For the 45-year-old father, this is his biggest adventure to date. He’s spent the last four years preparing for it. Technical issues and limitations cut his adventure short last year.

Every day, Derreumaux posts updates on his social media pages. Click here to follow his journey.

On Monday, he wrote:

“In ultra endurance sports it important to reframe the journey in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming, looking at each day as its own helps with this. The goal of this trip has always been to paddle to Hawaii. Get to Hawaii. But somewhere along the way the goal has changed. It is now to enjoy the journey. Enjoy each day. Look at the clouds, enjoy the water, take in every sunset and sunrise.”

Cyril Derreumaux

Derreumaux added that he wants to make sure he’s present for each moment, to enjoy the journey, so that when he arrives to Hawaii, he’ll have the memories of these days to carry with him.

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“I felt I did good mileage. Another day of the journey completed,” he said. “Thank you to everyone for your messages of support and congratulations. I am so happy to share this journey with you all.”