BWS surveys Salt Lake home damage, will work with insurance to cover repairs

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The Board of Water Supply (BWS) visited the home of a Salt Lake family Friday morning, going through the damage caused by a water main break that pummeled the house with rocks and debris for nearly two hours.

Residents say after a first look by their insurance company, they were told most of the floors and walls will have to be replaced.

We went back to the home Friday and found resident James Black, overseeing more cleanup and looking for items that could be saved.

He and his family stayed at a hotel for the second night Thursday, and it’s something they’re going to have to get used to for the time being.

But Black said there is a silver lining: “Just this morning, I talked to our claims manager and they’re going to start paying for it today.”

On Friday morning, three BWS officials walked through the property and took pictures while Black pointed out the worst spots.

“They seem like they were willing to help out, so we’ll just wait and see,” Black said. “Like I said, I just hope they’re people of their word.”

Late Friday afternoon, the BWS told KHON2 in an e-mail that it will work with the families’ insurance companies on the repairs to the home.

Officials blame the time it took to turn off the water during the break on traffic delays. They also say the valves had to be closed slowly to keep pressure from spiking in other parts of the system.

As for Black and his family, he says they just hope things start happening soon. “My main concern is making sure my family gets in a place where we’re stable and not moving around all the time,” he said. “I just want to get my kids comfortable again.”

BWS says KHON2’s public records request regarding the number of property damage claims due to water main breaks should be available next week.

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