Businesses relieved as HART suspends work over Thanksgiving weekend

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It’s almost Black Friday and each year stores seem to open earlier and earlier.

“We have high expectations it’s new it’s fresh its the first time we are opening up at 6pm,” said Pearl Ridge Center T&C Surf Manager, Roseanne Vierra-Schoening.

“This is the most important weekend of the year,” said Fred Paine, general manager of Pearlridge Center.

he most important weekend because this is when many businesses bring in the most sales, but for businesses along Kamehameha Highway in Aiea and Pearl City, rail construction has caused problems.

“We have been affected by the construction work,” said Paul Yokota, president of Zippy’s. “We have multiple locations along the route so they are all affected at different levels.”

“It’s really sad for a lot of the retailers with the construction that has been happening. It is brutal for them. I see them doing special sales to draw people in,” said shopper Janelle Ladret.

This week rail construction will be put on hold until Monday.

“We had many meeting with them (HART) saying look we need some relief here during the holidays at least and they were good and they accommodated us so it worked out pretty well,” said Paine.

“It will help because we have our distribution of our packages,” said Yokota. “It was vitally important that we have easy access to our locations so yes it is very important.”

While businesses are happy to have the work halted this weekend, they are hoping the work can be limited the rest of the holiday season as well.

“From now until Christmas I know that a lot of people depend on that time to really make it big,” said Paine.

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