HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Big Game is this Sunday and just two days later is Valentine’s Day, two very big days for some businesses.

Preparing for the Big Game is a big deal for football fans that usually involves potlucks with lots and lots of food.

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Aiea resident Justin Nakagawa said he’s going to a potluck at his parent’s house.

“We’re going to pig out,” Nakagawa said laughing. “Well, that’s my plan I’m only eating.”

And everybody has their favorites

For Nakagawa it’s seafood. “Probably poke,” he said. “Poke and raw crab.”

Waipahu resident Daniel Taliloa said he’ll probably do a barbeque.

His go-to for game day: steak.

“Cannot go wrong with steak,” he said.

California resident Tammy Probart said her favorite is wings.

“Some nice set of wings with some ranch, that’s all I need,” Probart said.

This year the big game happens just two days before a big holiday–Valentine’s day.

Because they’re such big events, Foodland Chief Food Officer Keoni Chang said they’ve been preparing since last year to make sure they have an ample supply of popular items like strawberries and poke.

“The reason why it takes all the effort is because it’s about making sure that we get all the orders locked in early so we can lock in and supply what we need,” Chang explained. “And then it’s sort of through the year we’re tracking to make sure that there are no hiccups with what’s happening.”

According to Chang, they stock extra of everything from poke and wings to other potluck essentials for the big game

And he said even though they are experiencing staffing issues like other businesses, stores will be fully staffed to handle the rush.

“It all happens at once,” he said. “It’s Sunday, and everyone’s going to be hitting it hard. And once the game starts then it’s like crickets. So it’s really about being ready early in the morning.”

For Valentine’s, Chang said it’s all about flowers, sweets and berries. And despite the strawberry shortage, he said they’ll have plenty and pricing shouldn’t be too high.

For most restaurants, the big game equals lots of take-out orders.

Rick Nakashima co-owner of Ruby Tuesday and Gyu Kaku said they’ve been gearing up.

“And Valentine’s Day, one of the biggest days of the year,” Nakashima said.

According to Nakashima, the biggest challenge is still the lack of an adequate workforce. They’ve even cut hours at both restaurants because of it.

But he said they’re doing what they can.

“Staffing-wise, it’s all hands on deck. So as many people that we can get to come into work, we asked them to,” Nakashima explained.

Chang offered some advice ahead of the big game: Don’t wait until the last minute to go to the store.

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And if you do plan to eat out for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to make reservations.