Business owners voice support of plastic ban

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Business owners voiced their support today for the plastic ban bill. The proposal had drawn strong opposition because it included banning plastic for prepackaged foods. But the city council has changed the bill to ban only utensils, straws, and polystyrene or styrofoam containers. 

Those in favor of the ban say there are lots of easily-accessible alternatives to plastics. 

Matthew Hong, Banan owner: “When we made the switch to these bio plastics, we noticed no difference in quality. We never had a customer complain that there’s smoothie or soft serve seeping thru these bowls. So the quality is certainly there.” 

Justin Young, Koko Head Cafe general manager: “If our fishers are catching fish that are eating microplastics, what then can we do to limit our impact? Our trash is ending up on our plates.” 

The City Council’s Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear the amended version of the bill Thursday.

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