Business helps youth football group devastated by Island Air’s shutdown

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The abrupt shutdown of Hawaii’s second-largest airline carrier last Friday left customers scrambling.

That included Kauai Youth Football, a group that spent roughly $24,000 to fly to Oahu for an upcoming tournament.

The organization consists of four teams made up of 4th- through 8th-grade athletes, including one cheer squad.

The teams spent months coming up with the money to fly to Oahu and play in a Junior Prep Sports tournament this weekend at Waipahu High School.

They also had plans to attend the HHSAA football championship game at Aloha Stadium.

So they were crushed to learn of Island Air’s shutdown, which left 154 players, coaches, and staff with no way, and no more money, to travel.

When Times Supermarkets found out, the company pledged to cover the group’s airfare to get to Oahu.

“For us, it was kind of a no-brainer,” said Christopher Broden, Times Supermarkets senior director of marketing. “The kids, youth, are our backbone and what’s going to help us perpetuate in the future. We felt it was an opportune moment. We knew we had to get involved.”

“We’re so grateful for that,” said Brad Hiranaka, Kauai Youth Football president. “You should have seen the kids faces’ on Saturday. After the first game, I put the teams together. I told them the good news. Oh, their faces were so — It was amazing. Brought tears to everybody’s eyes.”

Times Supermarkets tells us the Kauai community has been so supportive, and this was the least company could do.

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