Bubbies Ice Cream at University closes after over 30 years

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After over 30 years at their University area location, Bubbies is closing their doors on Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

The popular ice cream shop is ceasing operations at Varsity Center after their lease runs out.

On Monday, the eatery was packed and a line wrapped around the block as people looked to get one last scoop, some waiting for more than an hour.

“We just went all the way and got one of every flavor on their menu because what else do you do when they’re closing?” said customer Valerie Heu. “It sucks. We have so many memories here, like coming back from college, first thing you gotta go after Zippy’s is Bubbies just to get the mochi ice cream.”

The franchise location at the Koko Marina Shopping Center will remain open.

Bubbies will also keep manufacturing ice cream for wholesale customers at their plant in Aiea. The production facility was originally built in April 1989 and then expanded in 1996 due to demand for their products, including mochi ice cream.

According to the company’s website, Keith Robbins opened Bubbies on March 25, 1985. At the time, Robbins manufactured the ice cream in the back of the store on Coyne Street.

Bubbies Ice Cream can now, and will still be, found at hotels and restaurants locally as well as around the world.

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