HONOLULU (KHON2) — Surf photographer John Falatea Salanoa wants answers after he discovered the memorial board in front of the beach access to Pipeline had been vandalized.

A swastika symbol is seen scratched into the board — and next to it is Salanoa’s late brother’s name. “So I do take this very personally,” he said.

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“My brother Les Falatea was a Pipeline charger and local legend. He passed away in 2008 of a sudden heart attack. Les was a true ambassador of aloha. He was a flight attendant with Hawaiian Airlines and beloved by everyone from Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii and Mainland America,” Salanoa said.

Whenever Salanoa passes by the board to shoot Pipeline, he has a ritual to greet his brother.

“Every time I shoot Pipeline, Backdoor, I go to the sign and pat my brother’s name and tell him he missed a good swell, and I wish he was still here to share them with me,” he said.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, just before 6:30 p.m., he saw that someone had carved something into the board, which wasn’t there when he last visited on Jan. 21.

“When I went to the board to say hi, I saw the carving and I started to shake!” Salanoa said. “It hurts to have something like this in my home!”

Salanoa has contacted the company that commissioned the memorial to let them know what happened and is reaching out to see if the security camera pointing at the sign caught anyone.

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“It is carved in, so the board will need to be sanded down and re-stained,” Salanoa said. “Would like for community help with this.”