HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some Waikiki residents are frustrated and angry as the only elevator in their building has been broken for nearly two months. They’re pleading for help as there seems to be no end in sight.

For Bridget DeBose, getting back to her 10th floor home in the Waikiki Walina Apartments has become a struggle.

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“About halfway, I sit down,” she said as she tries to catch her breath.

It’s a 10-story building. It’s especially difficult for those who are elderly, and those who have to walk their dogs. Residents said they’re at their wit’s end waiting for it to get fixed.

“All I know is that it’s really affecting everybody on a really bad level. It’s exhausting at this point, that’s why everybody is starting to leave,” said Justyn Coleman, who lives on the seventh floor.

Among those about to leave is Pete Hastings, whose girlfriend is eight months pregnant.

“We’re just tired of it,” Hastings said. “We have a baby on the way, we’re trying to just keep pushing and keep working and it’s really hard coming home after a whole day of work, having to walk down five flights of stairs, six actually to get to the laundry room.”

The building’s management company has sent emails to residents saying it’s been working with Otis Elevators to fix the problem.

The letter says, “We continue to push Otis to get this job done without wasting time… Unfortunately, Otis tells us that they are doing as much as they can as fast as they can, and we do not have any concrete reason to doubt them.”

As for DeBose, she says something more has to be done.

“They want us to understand and then two months go by,” she said. “You’re on the verge of tears because you can’t live your life. I mean literally on the verge of tears.”

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Otis sent KHON2 a statement saying, “We have been working diligently to secure the necessary parts to repair a key component, which was recently damaged… Once received, we will be able to make repairs and get the elevator back in service as quickly as possible.“