HONOLULU (KHON2) — The employees at the Moiliili Community Center are still trying to make sense of the Friday morning break-in on Nov. 19 that left them with thousands of dollars in damage; this is money that is used toward programs to benefit kupuna and keiki.

Honolulu police said a man and a woman, both in their twenties, broke into the community center but they did not have a chance to walk away with property or money after the facilities’ alarm system scared them away.

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“They were probably after money; they were looking for whatever they could get,” explained Nadine Nishioka, executive director for the Moiliili Community Center. “We’re a non-profit community center, we don’t have a lot of money; what we have is grant funds or donations. So, by them just breaking into our center is going to cost us nearly $6000 to fix everything.”

The metal framing of the center’s front door was damaged, along with two other doors inside the building.

Nishioka said, “He kicked open the door. He kicked it open and it’s been repaired; it took him seven hours to repair it today.”

The burglars were only inside for a couple of minutes. Police were able to collect video surveillance from the center, and they told Nishioka that their alarm system possibly prevented further losses.

“I think just busting down my door took more than a minute, so that took away from what they could look in my office and the drawers, and they couldn’t unlock a lot of the drawers,” Nishioka said. “But now, from here on, if they want to break in there will be no money to be found because we are locking it all up.”

The Moiliili Community Center will soon be celebrating 120 years of providing educational programs to keiki and kupuna. Ultimately, it was the community that was robbed because the money that will go into fixing the damage is money used to fund the programs.

Nishioka added, “They literally stole from us because all that money is being taken away from our keiki and kupuna programs.”

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Anyone with information about the community center’s break-in is encouraged to share it with the Honolulu Police Department.