Brazen purse snatching caught on video, victim speaks out

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HONOLULU (KHON2) –UPDATE 9/24 1 p.m.: An 18-year-old male was arrested for second-degree robbery this morning.  Charges are pending.

Sok Fan Hoi, the 67-year-old victim of a brazen purse snatching, said it all happened so fast.

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Five days after she was attacked in Chinatown, she said that she’s still in pain. She wants her attacker captured so he can’t hurt anyone else.

It was a vicious purse snatching in broad daylight. It happened Friday, September 18 around 1 p.m. near the Chinatown Cultural Plaza, and it was all caught on surveillance camera.

In the video, you can see the suspect slowly walking in front of Hoi. Then, he slows down, walks to the Hoi’s side and then slams her to the ground before taking off with her purse.

Hoi said it did seem like he was following her for a while, but she wasn’t really paying attention to him until he walked in front of her.

“When he turned back to look at me, in my mind I know this guy has something wrong. But because of the time, it was so fast, I didn’t do anything to protect myself.”

She spent three hours in the emergency room. Her head still hurts.

“Very painful. My head is like I have a big bump, a golf ball is on my head. And also my shoulder, my back I feel pain,” Hoi said.

Her son, Herman Hoi, said his mother’s emotional state is more fragile and believes that she suffered a concussion.

“The police officer did state that she blacked out. And when they first approached her, she seemed disoriented. And she didn’t remember where she was and why the police was there,” Herman Hoi explained.

He said that he’s frustrated this happened. All his mother wanted was to get lunch and enjoy some time out of the house.

“Prior to that, she’d been homebound for a week for a separate illness. So she thought it was a great day on Friday to go out and get some food and run some errands before the weekend. She was dropped off by my father and she went to pick up food from the restaurant. She was on her way back to the car. That’s when she got attacked,” Hoi said.

Sok Hoi said that she used to feel safe going out alone during the day. Not anymore.

Her son said that it’s a shame that it’s not safe at all anymore.

“For seniors, for kids, they should be able to at least be outside of their home and feel safe from these situations,” said Herman Hoi. “Now as simple as buying lunch, you have to be careful? It’s very frustrating.”

Police described the suspect as a male who is possibly in his teens. He’s about five foot and six inches tall and average build with black hair. He was wearing a gray and white striped shirt and black shorts. He was also carrying a skateboard.

An 18-year-old male was arrested On Thursday, Sept. 24, for second-degree robbery. 

Charges are pending.

If you have any information about this attack, call CrimeStoppers 955-8300.

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