Brazen crime leaves woman with gaping hole in car

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Having a safety check sticker is required, but watch out there are thieves that like to steal them.

“There are really clean cut marks done with something either really sharp or electric,” said Kaneohe resident, Heidi Waracka.

Waracka has heard of safety check stickers being stolen, but this is different, the thieves actually cut the back of her bumper out taking the safety check sticker along with part of her bumper.

“I got home and went to load something into my trunk and realized there is a big hole in my bumper,” said Waracka.”I called my husband over to look at it because I couldn’t believe that not only did they steal the safety check, but they cut it right out of the plastic.”

A spokesperson with the Honolulu Police Department says officers have seen this happen before. A thief will use a sharp instrument to cut a car’s bumper, then go to another location where they remove the decal.

“You would have a hard time getting the sticker off in one piece because the sticker is so thin,” said Jim Baldauf with Lex Brodie’s Tire, Break and Service Company. “That is why this person cut the whole bumper off.”

HPD says in order to avoid safety check decal theft you should cut slits on your decal to make it harder to remove in one piece.

You should also think about getting a license plate holder that comes with a metal attachment for your safety check sticker.

HPD says you should get into the habit of checking your car regularly.

Lex Brodie’s says they have seen people who come in after getting their decals stolen. If this happens you can go back to get another decal for a small fee.

“They can come back and we can reissue them a sticker we just do a reissue on them,” said Baldauf.

As for Waracka she says she would much rather be replacing a decal instead of her bumper.

“Now we have to spend more money to replace a bumper on a new car and get a safety check,” said Waracka.

Honolulu police have opened a criminal property damage investigation.

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