Bradley sentenced for assault in Ewa Beach man’s death

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A former McKinley High School football star was sentenced to six months probation Tuesday.

Gerime Bradley also received five days imprisonment and 100 hours of community service in a sentence handed down by Judge Rom Trader.

In February, Bradley was tried for manslaughter, but found guilty of third-degree assault instead in connection with the death of an Ewa Beach man.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Bradley attacked John Howard just outside Howard’s home on March 23, 2014. Howard died a few days later.

Bradley’s attorney claimed Bradley and his two friends felt threatened by Howard and feared he may have had a weapon.

In the end, a jury unanimously agreed the incident was a fight between two men.

After the sentencing, Bradley offered a tearful apology to Howard’s family.

“I hope you really do forgive me, because I can’t forgive myself. It burns in my soul to know what happened, to know the outcome of what happened. I just hope you accept my apology,” he said.

Howard’s sister, Maria Gabriel, responded, “Gerime Bradley, I forgive you, and all the members of our family, we all forgive you.”

The prosecution was hoping for the maximum 30 days in jail. But Bradley will not serve any additional prison time, having spent 23 days in jail shortly after Howard was killed.

Moving forward, Bradley is hoping to chase football opportunities at City College of San Francisco.

“I just try to take things slowly, try to get out of my shell kind of, you know. Take things step by step, just try to forgive myself, I guess,” he said.

As for advice that he has for any young person who gets into a physical altercation, Bradley said “just to walk away. Don’t let your ego get to you or your manhood. It’s just a matter of simply walking away.”

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