Boy thanks lifeguards after shark attack, city considers additional warning signs

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Raymond Senensi III got a chance Friday to thank the lifeguards who helped save his life after he was bitten by a shark earlier this week at Makaha.

The 10-year-old was emotional after he gave each lifeguard a lei.

He says he plans to be back at school next week, and he’s grateful for everything the lifeguards did to help him.

Lifeguards said “Ray Ray” is a brave boy and told him they can’t wait to see him back in the water when he is ready.

“Not only did he get bit not too long ago, and 48 hours later, he is actually here, coming to give us the thanks and gratitude on behalf of him and his family,” said Miguel Baez, an officer with the city’s Ocean Safety & Lifeguard Services Division.

Friday morning, “shark sighted” warning signs were removed from Makaha Beach Park after no other sharks were spotted.

Viewers reached out to us via Report It, asking why there’s only one sign for shark-related incidents.

“Do you think there needs to be different signs for different incidents?” KHON2 asked Senensi’s mother, Shirita Moreno.

“I would think so, just so people would understand more,” she said.

Ocean safety lifeguards patrol the beaches every day to make sure everyone in the water is safe.

This month, “shark sighted” signs have been posted on several of Oahu’s beaches after recent shark bites and shark sightings.

Ocean safety agrees it needs more signs and officials are working to make that happen.

They are looking at different ones that clearly differientiate between a shark sighting and a shark bite.

They tell KHON2 sometimes people steal the signs and storing them is also an issue, because of limited space.

Ocean safety is in the process of looking at inventory, but didn’t have a time frame on when they would get more.

“There should be different kinds of signs so that way, everyone can really see what’s really going on,” said Waianae resident Jamie Kane.

Kane says if she saw a sign that said shark bite, she wouldn’t go in the water. “I wouldn’t even allow my kids to go in the water,” she said.

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