HONOLULU (KHON2) — Travelers no longer need to show their boarding pass to TSA at Honolulu’s international airport.

That is because transportation officials have all the information they need through your ID.

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The change comes because the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport has Credential Authentication Technology (CAT).

“And basically what it is, is you hand your ID to the travel document checker when you approach the checkpoint and they scan your ID, and this machine verifies that you are flying out that day,” said Jessica Mayle, TSA regional spokesperson.

“And it just saves you a little time because you no longer also have to present your boarding pass in conjunction with your ID.”

Jessica Mayle, TSA regional spokesperson

The CAT system connects to TSA’s secured flight database, where officials can see where a traveler is going from their IDs unique code.

Travelers who spoke to KHON2 said anything that shaves seconds off a normally long wait is helpful.

“Yeah, I think it’d save a couple seconds for each person, sure,” said Boston resident James Marr.

It is definitely not a bad thing for those who travel with children.

“No and it’s not,” Amy said as she reached for her sons, “and I’m going to take these away from my children so they don’t lose them!”

The TSA said travelers will need to have checked in with their airline before coming to security if they only want to show their ID. All passengers will still need to show their boarding pass when they get to the gate.

“So, that relationship with checking in and your airline and that information that they need, that stays the same. This is merely about getting through the checkpoint and verifying that you are scheduled to fly out that day,” Mayle said.

TSA said it would not hurt to have your boarding pass ready at security in case of technical issues — even with the new system.

“Because there could be days when, you know, perhaps that machine is not in use at that particular checkpoint and you will need to show your boarding pass,” Mayle said, “and so just pay attention if they ask for both pieces of information, hand them over and if they say, ‘Hey, I only need your ID today,’ that’s a great time saver for you.”

The CAT system is active in over 100 different US airports, including Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle and Las Vegas.

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TSA is still working on installing CAT systems at neighbor island airports.