HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Board of Water Supply has called on Oahu residents to reduce water consumption by 10%, asking for help in conservation efforts. 

The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation has taken specific measures in conserving water both in long-term and immediate action. This is to reduce the strain on the aquifer and the contamination fuel crisis in Red Hill. Some of the measures include: 

  • Asking that Honolulu Fire Department to reduce water use during certain HFD training at City parks.  
  • Set up water systems to go off during twilight hours, where that is possible (certain parks are manually operated).
  • Considering planting less thirsty plants and looking into plants that would be efficient when it comes to the amount of water.  
  • Keeping up with inspections, maintenance, and upgrades to irrigation systems to avoid waste of water at Koko Crater and Foster Botanical Gardens. 

This campaign is to launch in July. If there are questions in regard to the information, contact the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreations at (808) 763-3003 or email parks@honolulu.gov.