HONOLULU (KHON2) — A blessing was held on Friday, March 12, to commemorate the painting of a new mural at Old Stadium Park that was once a graffiti-ridden wall.

The mural is located at 2237 South King St. near the ‘Ewa end of the Park.

Inspiration for the mural came from the input of more than 600 residents who live in the surrounding area. The mural is meant to showcase the Park’s past, present and future.

The artist of the mural, Luke Dekneef, says the artwork has a great amount of historical significance.

“There is pretty much historical significance or attachment to somebody’s story in pretty much every piece of this mural in some shape or form. We were able to talk to so many people that had so many experiences here. It was, I couldn’t even contain myself because everybody wanted something here, wanted something there.”

Artist Luke Dekneef

The design was finalized by Dekneef and installed by community members and children from Voyager School.

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