Bird finds new home at Honolulu Zoo

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There’s another new resident at the Honolulu Zoo. A red footed booby was recently donated by Sea Life Park.

The bird was found in 2017, with an injured wing that required veterinarians to amputate its left wing. 

He was unable to fly so he could not be released back into the wild. So Sea Life Park asked the zoo if they could take of him.

“We have a lot of animals here we can take out for encounters. We bring them to birthday parties, critter corners for different events. So were hoping once he gets a little bit more comfortable and we have a better bond with him that we’ll be able to take him out on our arm and kind of educate the public about red footed boobies.” said Bethany Sylvester, zoo keeper.

The bird is named “Ka’ipo” and is on display near the koi pond in the keiki zoo.

These birds feed on fish and can live up to 22-years-old.

They are not considered endangered, but their population is decreasing.

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